Case Study #2


Reethi Beach Resort is an eco-friendly resort located in the Maldives. The resort uses social media to reach current and potential customers by interacting with them and using different promotions to connect with customers. Currently, the most successful social media outlet for the resort is its Facebook page, but it does take advantage of Twitter as well.

Reethi Beach Resort identified three major goals it wants to achieve. These goals consisted of increasing recognition as a four-star luxury hotel, to build customer relationships and to provide an optimal experience to its visitor. To accomplish these goals, Reethi Beach Resort created and implemented a Big Photo Competition in which they awarded prizes worth $7,000. The point of the campaign was to win a dream vacation through a photo contest that ran on its Facebook page using SocialAppsHQ’s. Fans could enter their favorite holiday photos and get entered for a drawing for two people to win a vacation at the resort.

 During the campaign, Reethi Beach Resort got an increase in likes, potential customers, and an overall return on investment. The campaign received 238 entries, 9,286 votes, 8,751 stories created, 659,967 number of story views or impressions, 150% growth in fans and each story published in the newsfeed, ticker and timeline received 77 impressions. Overall, the campaign was very successful in generating increased traffic to the resorts Facebook.

I think this is an excellent way to engage current and potential customers with the brand. Everyone loves going on vacation and they also enjoy sharing photos of their great memories. Posting their favorite pictures engages them with the resort and also gives the resort an emotional appeal to customers because it shows they care about their personal information. This campaign also provides customers another reason to visit the resort’s facebook page and possibly book a trip from spending time looking at the resort and what it has to offer.


Intel’s Social Media Policy


I decided to look at Intel’s social media policy that is a separate document from other employee information and guidelines. I like how Intel is aware that social media is constantly changing and encourage employees to consistently check the policy for updates.

            There are many aspects of this policy that I think are important when dealing with employees using social media outlets. The first section of this policy contains information about what to do when you decide to engage in social media. They include sticking to your area of expertise and provide unique, individual perspectives on what is going on in Intel and the world, post meaning, respectful comments, always pause and think before posting, respect proprietary information and content, and confidentiality, when disagreeing with others’ opinions keep it appropriate and polite. All of these guidelines are extremely important to follow and assists with avoiding a potential crisis. I think the one that particularly stands out for me is, always pause and think before posting. Majority of crisis issues that companies deal with because of social media is because someone posted something without thinking about what they were actually saying and the potential backlash. I also really liked how Intel made a point to make sure employees understand that they are allowed to speak their mind and disagree with others’, but to do so in a respectful manner. Lastly, the final point I thought was worth mentioning was making employees think about if what they are posting adds value. Today, there are so many millions of posts on the Internet and things can be easily lost on the web. Social communication from Intel is meant to assist customers, partners, and co-workers. Intel believes if a post is thought provoking, builds a sense of community, improves knowledge, builds the business and solves problems then it is adding value.

            I personally do not think Intel’s social media policy had anything negative about it. It seems to be well thought out and touched upon any potential questions an employee might have about what they are and aren’t allowed to do. I think Intel is a very smart company and with this detailed social media policy they should be able to avoid a potential disaster caused by a social media issue. I think they did an incredible job with informing employees that the plan will be constantly updated with technology changes and employees should be consistently checking the policy for new information.

            Social media policies are essential for every business and I think if a business does not have one they should take the necessary steps to creating and implementing a plan. Like I said before, majority of disasters occur because people said something on a social media outlet that upset or offended someone involved internally or externally with the company. The company has one less thing to worry about when dealing with company relationships when a social media policy is set in place. I think Intel is an innovative company that is guaranteeing social media success and is using it as a positive means while eliminating potential negative events.

Case Study #1 Aerie


In February 2006, American Eagle launched a lingerie sub-brand, Aerie, which targets 15 to 21-year-old females. In addition to the brands wide range of bras and underwear, it also sells dormwear, loungewear, active apparel, accessories, and sleepwear.  I currently work during the holidays at Aerie in Hickory, North Carolina. I worked in the store during this 40% off sale, so not only did I experience the backlash from the stores facebook advertising of the sale, but I also saw and dealt with the face-to-face issues customers had.

Aerie has taken advantage of multiple social media channels to increase awareness of its brand to current and potential customers. Aerie is currently on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and has thousands of mentions on Pinterest from users of the site. Aerie is making sure that they get current updates and sales of the brand to its followers, but seem to lack a strong fan base. The Aerie Facebook page has more popularity than its twitter page. The Facebook page has 1,216,011 likes with 59,479 people creating conversation about Aerie, and 15,312 people checked in on facebook at the store. As for its twitter page, they have 29,625 followers. When taking into account how Aerie is a brand located all over the United States and Canada, 29,625 followers is practically nothing. This is a huge issue because Aerie is clearly not able to target even half of their customers through social media.

As I looked at Aerie’s Facebook page I saw multiple posts and comments about the pictures Aerie chooses for its advertisements. People were having conversations about how the models look too young or too skinny and some people were simply confused as to what was being advertised. In one of the screenshots below a woman commented “This girl looks way too young to be on TV in her underwear. There has got to be a better way to advertise underwear for young girls without using the same template as Victoria’s secret. I’m usually not prudish but society needs to stop objectifying young girls who don’t look legal.” That comment is extremely damaging to the brand. Not only does it accuse Aerie of using underage girls to model underwear, but it also believes Aerie is copying Victoria Secret, which is Aerie’s main competitor.

Aerie is simply trying to advertise it’s 40% off black Friday promotional sale but almost half of the comments on the posts were either upset or mocking the brand. The main focus Aerie is trying to get across is the great deal for the holiday weekend but that is not the point that people are taking away. Aerie is in a tough situation because they are targeting young girls. It needs to find a way to effectively reach its target audience without offending people.

Personally, being an employee of Aerie I think the brand sells exceptional lingerie and clothing. I have seen various success stories of young women walking into the store and leaving extremely happy with their purchases. Aerie is very good at handling face-to-face situations but I think they lack customer service on its social media websites. I am not very impressed with the content on its facebook and twitter pages. I think that the brand could do a much better job of promoting its products and sales by changing its entire advertising strategy. It needs to create more of a focus when designing advertisements for the social media sites. For example, the screenshot below shows a girl standing next to a Christmas tree laughing with the 40% information next to her. People were making fun of how she was standing, the way she was laughing, and some couldn’t determine whether Aerie was advertising the girl, the Christmas tree, or the sale. Aerie needs to revamp how they are going to reach its target market in order to decrease negativity on the social media sites. 







Southwest Airlines Rescues Dogs


Recently Southwest Airlines tweeted and facebooked a picture of crew members assisting 60 stray dogs and cats affected by Hurricane Sandy. The airline flew the animals from New Jersey to a new shelter in California where they could then be adopted to loving families. Talk about great PR! This story warmly touches every person who loves animals, I have two dogs and was so touched by this story and I can honestly say it made me want to book my next trip with Southwest. I think that this was a great way to help with the hurricane damage while using their services. 

Some critics may argue that Southwest was using a negative event to get some PR out there for their company, but I think the way Southwest went about it made that not the case. This wasn’t mass advertised and not that many people heard about this. I mentioned this story in my PR campaigns class today and no one else knew what I was talking about. Southwest was doing a good deed and accepted the fact that some people would hear about it but majority of people wouldn’t, which makes them look honorable in their charity work. 

I think this was a great way to assist their services to helping with the hurricane. Check out their facebook and twitter to see the cute pictures! 


Above is a link to a cool article I found about Reddit. For anyone who doesn’t know, Reddit is a social media website where registered users content about anything and everything. The company is based out of San Francisco and was founded in 2006. This article talks about 20 interesting things that we learned because of Reddit. Some of the facts were more interesting than others, I thought that number 7 was funny. The fact was that at one point in time movie trailers were played after the movie, obviously they changed that because who would ever stay after the movie to watch the trailers?! I know I wouldn’t! I also did not know that the white house makes beer that is called White House Honey Ale. It is the first homemade beer to ever be made at the White House. I think it is so cool that we can learn so many fun facts due to social media. I get so much of my information through social media whether its news or simply a fun fact from an article provided by Reddit. Social media has truly changed how many people communicate with each other and stay updated on current events. I honestly can’t even remember how I got through the day without all my social media sites! I learn so much everyday about social media and all the things it can offer. At my marketing internship, I recently learned how to use Hoot Suite and coordinating the companies tweets and facebook posts using it. It is such a helpful tool and it is so easy to find things to post about because of all the websites that provide great information. Take the time and look through the top 20 facts, some of them are pretty interesting! Oh, and one more thing…GO MU BBALL!! 

Twitter in the Classroom



I thought this article was interesting because we are using twitter in our class. Professor Christina Greenhow from Michigan State University thinks that students are more engaged during class when tweeting and have higher grades because of it. I have used twitter for some classes, and others I have not and I personally notice that I have more involved in class when I am required to tweet for it. Even if I am not tweeting directly at what we are learning, I’m still tweeting about class and learning more about social media. I think that because social media is so prevalent in the workforce today, It is crucial to be required to tweet during classes. I have had two internships that both involve running different social media sites and I think it has been very helpful to have classes that require me to spend time using and navigating these sites. 


In October 2012, 3 hours of personal footage recorded by Justin Bieber was hacked and stolen by ananonymous blogger. The recordings showed Justin mostly on tour along with many of his team members. His PR team quickly took action and came up with a brilliant way to control what had happened with the missing tapes. Justin and his team decided to make his new music video for his song, Beauty and the Beat featuring Nicki Minaj, as a self-made documentary. They made it look like the music video was Justin’s personal footage that was stolen and actually even put a couple of the stolen clips into the video. The entire video shows Justin “holding” the camera as he makes his way through a massive pool party. I think that this was a genius way of handling the situation. The music video was cool and creative and in a way told the blogger who stole the tapes that it didn’t matter what he or she did with the clips because they were just going to show them to the world anyway. Here is a link to the music video, watch for yourself how creative the music video is! JB has a great PR team behind him!

In October 2012…

PR Diasters via Youtube


Every morning at work I spend 15 minutes look at PR Daily and seeing what is new in the PR world. I thought this article was interesting because it is a great example of how social media sites can at times be a disadvantage for companies. This article talks about 5 PR disasters that companies experienced after a video of their employees or establishments went viral because of a negative action shown in the video. The companies then had to go into crisis communication mode and apologize, and attempt to fix the issue. I personally remember seeing the FedEx clip of the delivery man throwing a computer over a fence during delivery not only on Youtube but also being shown on the news. Once a video goes viral, the company not only has to worry about how many hits the video is going to get but also the fact that millions of people will be sharing it with one another and other media outlets will show the clips. There really wasn’t a lot FedEx could do expect apologize over and over again and obviously replace the damaged product that was delivered. I am also pretty sure they did fire the employee who was caught mistreating the item. As for the other videos, I think they are in just as tough as a position if not more because their product deals with food and unsanitary conditions. Maintaining relationships with the public can be harder for public relations teams because of social media but at the same time can be a blessing in disguise for promoting the good things their companies have to offer! It is all about balancing and having a plan in place when social media turns negative on your company.


My current internship is in the PR department at VISIT Milwaukee. I started in the beginning of September and have been learning a lot about PR and specifically tourism PR, which I am really enjoying! The PR department has been working on a big project over the past year with Milwaukee Film to promote the great city of Milwaukee. This project is called Dear MKE and started out as a contest for people to submit their personal stories about growing up in this city and why they love it so much. From the contest, 12 documentaries were made, in a non-commercial fashion, promoting the city of Milwaukee. Today at work, we got to watch two of these documentaries and they were awesome! The one that stuck out in my head was about the 24 hour bike race that Milwaukee holds annually. A women in her 20s, who is a designer for Kohls, did the race and they filmed her journey before, during, and after the race. It was inspiring! Within the next couple of days VISIT Milwaukee is launching a personal facebook and twitter for Dear MKE along with these documentaries I mentioned! As of now there is more information on their general facebook page, but keep an eye out for the more personal page and get connected with this awesome project!!/visitmilwaukee?fref=ts

My current inte…

How to Land your Dream Job


This article is from PR Daily and talks about ten tips one can do in order to help themselves land the job of their dreams. I found this article to be very interesting and realized that I do not always think about the tips reccommended and should start doing some of these things when preparing for a job interview or at my current job.The first tip, keep contact brief and professional, stuck out to me because I think sometimes we forget that less is more and the last thing you want to do is waste a potential employers time. I also thought that asking for an information interview about the company even if there is no position currently open was a great thing to do. It still shows the company that you are extremely interested in their company and can potentially keep you at the top of their list when a position does open up. The article also had some tips that I believed were pretty common sense like dressing and acting professional, bringing a ntoebook and taking notes during the interview, and also being polite to anyone that you see in the building. I think that following all these tips can help anyone with the job that they desire!